Bianca Zafra

Bianca Zafra is from Inglewood, California and comes from a long line of nurses. Despite that, nursing was not her first choice. However, once she saw the connection between science and human relations, it was her only choice, which made her aunts who are nurses excited about the choice. They constantly follow up to see how school is going and encourage her to stay on track. Her family is a huge source of support and even the little things like reminding her to eat, sleep and rest, go a long way.

Nursing students have to focus on a lot of material in a little bit of time which is why Bianca says that time management is key to studying. Although it can be stressful at times, her love of nursing keeps her engaged in what she is learning. If you are interested in nursing, she suggests that you attend orientations that are organized by nursing programs to get a better understanding of what is involved. Bianca is currently attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

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