Nancy Hernandez

Nancy Hernandez is from Dallas, Texas and is attending the University of Texas at Arlington. Helplessness, was what she felt, when her grandmother passed away. At the time she was just a child and too young to do anything. Nevertheless that feeling got her interested in patient care. While in high school she researched various career paths and came to the realization that her love for math and science would be best utilized in nursing. Nancy is currently doing an internship at a hospital and loves her duties, especially when she is in the emergency room. She feels it is an exciting place to work in because you see the unexpected at unexpected times. For Nancy, a career in nursing is an opportunity to learn how to administer medicine in an environment where teamwork is key. As a member of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses she has been able to network and meet other nursing role models. Nancy hopes to provide care and understanding to others during difficult and unexpected situations.

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