Rodolfo Sifuentes

Rodolfo Sifuentes lives in Tampa, Florida where he attends South University and is doing his pediatric clinicals. Rodolfo has been a certified nursing assistant for eight years and on his way to becoming a registered nurse. He has always been a good student but recalls receiving a 72 on his first nursing exam. It was at that point that he realized nursing school was not going to be easy and he needed to change his approach to learning. Working hard and making adjustments is nothing new to Rodolfo. He has been working alongside his parents since he was 11 years old, his mother cleaned offices and his father worked in the field. Failure is not an option for Rodolfo, who wants to use his passion for nursing to make a impact in people’s lives and make his parents proud. If you are selfless and hardworking like Rodolfo, a career in nursing might something to consider.

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